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Monday, July 11, 2005

NYC Cuts Cell Service in Tunnels

This is one of those security measures that just doesn't make sense. Any determined bomber(s) would be able to rig the explosive with another device. Blocking the service causes more problems than it solves. Now everyday users that could get spotty service before can't get any and in the event of an incident, no one in the tunnel will be able to contact anyone - "Help. There are 40 people trapped down here. Please dig faster..."

Update (07/12):
According to CNN, the Mayor is questioning the soundness of this decision by the MTA. Also, it seems no one wants to take the blame for making the call. MTA says police asked them too. The police say they didn't. Homeland Security says it did not recommend any such measure.

I wonder how long this block will last.

Update (07/13):
Service is back on in two of the four tunnels.

The other two won't be far behind.


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