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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kids Absorb Everything

Ok...I'll admit it. Occasionally I say things to my kids that I probably shouldn't. I was reminded today of just how much of what you say, kids will take in and send right back out.

Every once in a while, when my two year old is misbehaving (aka acting like the typical two year old), I'll tell him to "stop being a putz". Now today, when I went home for lunch, I am talking to him about what everyone did this morning:

"There's a big mess in my bedroom" (why do two year olds feel they should always tell on themselves?)
"Well, maybe you should go and clean up the mess"
"Mommy and Abby (his older sister) already cleaned it up"
"And what were you doing while they cleaned up your mess?"
"I was being a putz!"

I even asked him again, just to make sure I wasn't mis-hearing him. Sure enough that's exactly what he said.

I must confess that I had a good laugh at his expense and then panic set in. Should I not call him that anymore for fear that 'putz' would become a staple in his vocabulary? The more I thought about it though, it is actually quite amazing that he picked up on the word and its meaning enough to be able to reuse that word as a part of his vocabulary. I mean, he's only two and I know even in my twenties, I have terrible problems with my vocabulary and building up the number of words I am able to use. I think the next time he is acting up, I'll choose another word to describe his actions and see how long it takes him to add it to his vocabulary...


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