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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Left Just Doesn't Get it

Doug Ross has a great post on his site about the War on Terror and how out of touch the Left is with the rest of Americans in this regards. His basic premise is that they do not see us as being involved in a war at all and this renders "the Democratic party less relevant on that same daily basis, each tick marking their inevitable collapse in a stunning reprise of the fall of the Whigs".

I love this guys rhetoric:

The Democrats will continue to be consigned to irrelevance until they excise the cancerous Michael Moore and Hollywood Leftists. This whacked-out brigade of moonbats has soiled Democratic ranks with an anti-American ideology seldom seen in the last two centuries. And despite Hillary Clinton's posturing and Joe Biden's attempts to pull the "we're pro-military!" lever, no one trusts them to do the job. Because they don't even think we're at war.


The Democratic party will continue to lose elections -- by scorching, humiliating margins -- until they excommunicate the moonbat wing, which is as incompatible with most Americans as Michael Jackson is to the Marin County daycare center.

Check out the rest of his post at Doug Ross: War

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  • You're right, Great Rhetoric! But that's all it is. It appeals to lesser minds. Not intelligent ones. That's not an argument, it is basically an insult translated into almost civil language. He might as well have said 'F#ck' and meant as much. Talk about verbosity.

    By Anonymous Inquisitor, at 29 July, 2005 23:10  

  • But isn't this rhetoric all the left understands? I mean look at Michael Moore and Jane Fonda, two liberal extremists who use rhetoric and photo-ops to score cheap points.

    I am sure Doug could put together a well-reasoned argument detailing why the Left is out of touch with America, but I think his intent was to counteract the liberal view as put forth by the likes of Moore.

    By Blogger Bill Blankmeyer, at 01 August, 2005 08:55  

  • Thanks for the link. The rhetoric is designed to get people's attention. I think you'll notice, however, I've tried to factually depict the nature of the war on terror.

    I've tried to provide plenty of hyperlinks and snippets of useful (and less flamboyant) stories: everyone from Bill Roggio to Michael Yon.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 August, 2005 06:00  

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