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Friday, July 22, 2005

London Bombings

Thankfully the attacks yesterday in London were unsuccessful and that no one was hurt. These animals who wear no uniforms and target innocent civilians do not deserve to walk this earth. I hope they get these guys. I pray the people of London have the resolve to fight this evil head on and do not let the hatemongers see them fearful.

The news this morning had reports of police killing a man in the subway. I'm sure more details will surface in the coming days. Hopefully, this guy was one of the conspirators in yesterdays attempts and has been dealt with accordingly.

Watching one of those 24/7 news channels (I don't know which one I had on), the commentator, as well as the reporter in London, seemed perplexed that the police would kill the suspect and not try to injure him in such a way that he could be questioned later. First off, these weren't your normal policemen, these were armed anti-terror police (regular police in London to not carry firearms), so they had to have a some sort of tip off on this guy. Also, the suspect was wearing a padded jacket (according to eyewitness accounts). If I am a police officer and I am tracking someone who I have good reason to believe was involved in terrorist plotting, he enters the subway (where other attacks have occurred), he's running from me, and he's wearing unseasonably appropriate clothing that could hide a bomb, I will take a shot at him in an instant. And I'd shoot to kill.

As long as the police on site had good reason to believe he was one of the conspirators, I have no problem supporting their actions.

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