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Monday, August 08, 2005

PA Student Loan Agency Spending

My mom showed me this story over the weekend. Having had my fair share of dealings with PHEAA, I can't say that this is surprising. I cannot believe that they think they can justify this. I hope lawmakers in Harrisburg can put an end to this kind of fraud and set this agency back on track. Seriously, $135k for a business trip (that included spouses and was hosted at a resort)???

Then again, there were lawmakers on the trip. And with the pay raises still causing a stir, they wouldn't want to act like hypocrites and stop wasteful spending at PHEAA.

We cannot allow taxpayer money to be thrown away in such lavish and unreasonable manners. I could accept a business retreat to a remote area as a way to help improve inter-agency relationships and help employees bond and work together, but to a luxury resort and allowing spouses to go (as well as lawmakers - how are they going to improve morale?)...I wonder how much team building and business work actually went on.

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