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Friday, June 03, 2005

Firefox - Rediscover the web

OK, unless you live under a rock, you have at least heard of Mozilla Firefox by now. For those of you who don't (or ignored others telling you how great of a product it is) here's the basics:

Firefox (Fx) is an open-source browser designed to be faster, safer, friendlier, and more customizable than Internet Explorer (IE). Fx loads extremely fast (much like Opera - another alternate browser that I have used and recommended in the past) and makes even a dial-up connection seem faster. With some basic customization it loads pages even quicker. Since Fx is an open source (Define) browser, many people have a hand in developing customizations, code improvements, etc. Things move faster in the open source world, especially when you consider how gung-ho the fans of Fx are. In the year or so since the beta version of Firefox was released (Firefox 1.0 was released in August, but beta versions had been around for a while), hundreds of user-created themes and extensions have been developed and released.

There has been a lot of press in the past month or two about the security of Fx. Since Mozilla advertises that Fx is a safer alternative to IE, the flurry of security holes announced and patched made Fx look just as unsafe as IE. But if you look at this article written by Brian Livingston for his Windows Secrets Newsletter, you'll see that compared to IE, Fx had fewer threats and less time exposed. Since Fx is open source the code is open to everyone and people can work together to find holes and plug them before the criminals do. As Fx grows in popularity, the number of criminals targeting its code will increase, but then, so will the number of good guys looking at the code.

Features I like about Fx:
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Find as you type
  • Extentions for just about anything you could imagine
  • Easily customizable for just about anything you could imagine

Here are a few things worth reading about Fx:

  • A Review by PC World, who happened to name Firefox as the Product of the Year 2005
  • Forbes naming Firefox "Best of the Web"

I feel I should tell you that I am not in any way affiliated with Mozilla or the developement of the Firefox browser. I am just an ordinary user who has found a great product that you should definitely check out.

Firefox - Rediscover the web


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