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Friday, July 22, 2005

NYC Transit Police Search Passengers

In a move that I believe causes more harm than good, passengers on the NYC transit system are being subjected to random searches. This is an obvious reaction to the attacks in London and is going to end up costing tax payers money without much good coming from it. Aside from profiling issues (even though they say they are not going to be profiling) and the threat to the constitutionally-protected right against unreasonable searches, the manner in which they set up the security leaves the transit system as unprotected as it was before. Anyone subjected to a search can refuse and leave the transit station. Any terrorist is going to know this (they usually do their homework) and will just keep trying to enter at other points until they are not "randomly" chosen. The only thing this will accomplish is slowing down normal commuters and infringe on our rights.

Fox News: NYC Cops Search Subway Riders

Village Voice: 'I Do Not Consent to Being Searched'

Bruce Schneier: Searching Bags in Subways

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