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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last week's News Roundup

Here's some things that I missed while I was away last week:

BBC: Olympics Bill Comes Under Attack - A bill aimed at curtailing non-sponsors from profiting off the Olympics could do more harm than good.

Wired: Kutztown 13 Face Felony Charges - I can see both sides of the argument on this one, but I think this is overkill. The punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime.

CNN: Cures for Humans in Crocodile Blood? - Crocodile blood fights the HIV virus and bacteria resistant to penicillin. I pray they can adapt this to work in humans.

The Register: AOL Techie Jailed for Selling Email Database to Spammers Las Vegas Cheat-Busting - The Truth About Tech Detection - Interesting article on how Casino Security operates.

BBC: Student Unearths Einstein Paper - Student finds 1925 manuscript in the university archives. Amazing it wasn't found before.

Daily Local News: Book Barn Makes a Great Discovery - These guys are not far from where I live. They found a 1st Edition "The Great Gatsby" estimated to be worth $50,000. I love poking around this place. They always have such a unique selection.

I know there were many other events last week that deserve attention, but who has the time. I'll move forward from here unless I find something really interesting.


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