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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When Are Schools Going To Learn?

I am glad I am done with college. Now I only have to worry about the two schools I attended and the 5 others I applied to keeping my information secure.

University of North Texas - 34,000
Cal Poly Pomona - 31,000
Sonoma State University - 67,000
(Links thanks to Emergent Chaos)

I think someone I know is actually affected by the Sonoma State data theft.

This is completely out of control. These universities need to be held responsible for this data loss. They (and businesses, too) should be fined heavily as a deterrent for not securing personal information. I want to know why they have all this information still in accessible databases. Applicant records from ten years ago? Complete with SSNs? There is no reason for this.

We need personal privacy protection now!

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