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Friday, September 23, 2005

Street Paving

Street PavingI was at the borough council meeting this week (yeah, it's the first one I've attended in the 5 years I've lived here) and one of the items mentioned in passing by the council president was a street paving project about to get underway. Among the streets listed, the cross-street near my house and the worst street in the neighborhood are both schedule for repaving in the next few weeks. This is great news. Both streets have needed to be paved since before we moved in. Over the past two or three years, the borough (or PENNDOT, I don't know which) has seen fit to spot fill the road, which has been completely inadequate. I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about this.


  • It's about time they fixed up that road. The new layer of asphalt was so thin the last time they paved it that it crumbled easily under the weight of the traffic there. Hopefully, they'll shave off a layer before they lay anew.

    By Anonymous Owen, at 26 September, 2005 12:18  

  • I don't even know the last time they paved it. I can tell you that it was more than 6 years ago. Unbelievable considering the amount of commercial traffic they have travelling that street. They are also not paving the whole thing. Only from Acorn up to the bridge. I'll grant you that that is the worst stretch, but really, the whole thing needs it. Hopefully, the announcement at the Council meeting was incorrect and the whole length will be done.

    By Blogger Bill Blankmeyer, at 26 September, 2005 12:57  

  • Yes, it has been quite a while. And the only logical explanation (why am I even trying to make excuses for our borough government?) for the delay is the nightmare of traffic issues closing off Chestnut would cause.

    By the way, what other street are they going to pave? Washington, between Chestnut and Green? You can see those potholes from space.

    By Anonymous Owen, at 26 September, 2005 22:50  

  • I know it would be a pain to close of Chestnut (why didn't they do this before the school year started? Many school buses include this street in their route), but at some point the condition of the road has to merit a week of the road being closed. There are alternate ways around that not as convenient, but would work for a short term detour.

    And yes, the other paving section is the 300 block of Washington. If there is another road as bad as that one, I have not seen it.

    By Blogger Bill Blankmeyer, at 27 September, 2005 08:50  

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