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Monday, October 03, 2005

Eagles 37 - Kansas City 31

October 02, 2005

After the Chiefs quickly racked up a 17-0 lead, I had all but written the Eagles off for the afternoon. Sheldon Brown's interception/TD gave me hope for about two minutes ending with Hall's kickoff return for a touchdown. With my hopes dashed again, I continued to watch, not expecting what I would see next. A run of 28 unanswered points with amazing performances all around clinched the win for the Eagles.

Both offense and defense looked weak in the early goings. I couldn't believe how the Chiefs were moving the ball against us. Everything seemed to be working for them. Runs, Short Pass, Long Pass - it did not seem to matter. I don't know what was said at halftime, but the 2nd half defense was the Eagles 'D' I know. They played everything tight and did not let the Chiefs push them around.

The 'O' was out of synch for much of the first half as well. Too many unfinished routes or errant throws. It looked like McNabb's injuries were causing him problems. But then they hit their groove. Owens found himself openings in the middle of the field and McNabb was able to make connections. The Chiefs did stifle our running game, but they seemed too focused on that, which is why I think Owens was so successful. The Chief's defense could not stop all of our game...they had to pick and choose.

Todd France, the Eagles new kicker, looked decent in his NFL debut. He did have a field goal blocked and extra point botched, but that was the result of a bad snap. He settled down a bit and hit 3 field goals and 3 extra points. I'd like to see his kickoffs go a bit longer, but the short kicks might have been planned to get more air under the ball for our cover team to get down the field. It did not seem to work out that way, with Hall running for plenty of distance, including the TD.

Division games for the Eagles start next week against the Cowboys. The Eagles should still win the Division but Washington, Dallas, and New York are playing better than they have in years. We're going to have to toughen up and start games faster if we want to win big in the NFC East. The bye week will be needed as a rest before we face the Chargers in Week 7.

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