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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No Patent Problem?

With all the posts I've been doing about Patent problems and the need for reforming the system, here's an article that quotes a former Microsoft Executive as saying the patent problem is a myth.

I think it is clear that Myhrvold is just furthering his own ends by saying this. He runs one of the patent hoarding companies. It is in his interest to keep the system broke as it is. If true reform of the USPTO takes place, he'd be out of a job, or it would at least make his job harder. I think its too early for the refutation articles to start hitting the web as CNET didn't post the story but 20 hours ago. I think in the next few days we'll see a half-dozen articles calling Myhrvold out for what he really is.

CNET: Ex-Microsoft CTO Claims Patent 'Problem' is Myth

Techdirt: Patent Hoarder Says Patent System Is Just Fine

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