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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yeah, It's Digital

A few weekends ago, the family was heading out to visit my parents in Central PA. Our daughter had been out there visiting with Grandmom and Poppop for the week and we wanted to see my brother home from college. Anyway, we loaded the van and piled in early Saturday morning. I guess both Kris and I were distracted, because just as we reached the end of our street, David starts shouting from his seat. Both of us had assumed the other had buckled him. I was proud that he actually said something. I know he has stayed quiet in the past. It was good to see him notice that something was wrong and tell us.

About half an hour later we're cruising down the turnpike, burning up our gas, when more screams erupt from the back of the van. This time after the initial scream, David calms enough to start shouting "The clocks aren't moving! The clocks aren't moving!". He's pointing out the front windshield. Both Kris and I were dumbfounded. There wasn't a clock in sight. Well, like any 2-year old, he wasn't really pointing where he was meaning to. Turns out he had been monitoring our progress via the dashboard gauges. The engine temperature, tachometer and speedometer were all staying relatively the same. He associated the gauges with the only thing he knows that looks like that and knowing that clocks are supposed to progress as time passes, sensed something was wrong.

Once we figured out what he was talking about, I explained what they were and pointed him to the clock built into the radio. He looked a bit confused, so I explained "it's not an analog clock; it's digital". Satisfied, he looked to the clock and said proudly "Yeah, it's digital!"

Kris and I both had a good laugh.


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