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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We Are...Penn State

That's right...the Nittany Lions have worked their way back into the Top 25. With a shocking (I never would have expected them to be doing this well after the performances they have put up in the past few years) 5-0 record, including a resounding victory over previously ranked Minnesota, the Lions are ranked 16th on the AP list. USA Today has them at 18 and ESPN has them at 15.

This week will be a tough game for them as they face off against Ohio State. Hopefully, the home crowd will be able to spur on the boys in blue and white and continue their undefeated record. I think the team would do better moving Robinson to a more of a utility position (moving him around like in years past) and starting Anthony Morelli under center. It would take some of the pressure of Robinson and allow him to use some of his superior athletic skills in other parts of the field.

As a former Penn State student and life-long fan, I am glad to see them doing well. These past few years have been tough, but it looks like with the additions of Williams and Butler the team will have depth for years to come. A good season this year should further the program's recruiting ability and give us some talent we're going to need. I hope Joe Pa can build us up a nice dynasty.

ESPN 2005 Week 6 Rankings

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