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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Running Silent...

Well, I went silent there for a while. Things got a bit busy. All three kids were sick (with two separate infections) and the fit hit the shan at work on some projects. So there wasn't much free time for posting or nuthin'. Also, been busy around the house with projects which are starting to wrap themselves up. The ones I can do that is - gotta get some money together to cover some of the more difficult and involved projects that will require outside help.

Father's Day came and went and we had a good time BBQing and the lot. I got some new shirts from the kids (I guess they learned that from me - just about every year I give my dad a shirt for his b-day/fathers day. This year it was a Home Depot gift card though).

Here's actually a funny story about fathers day. During the week, I go home most days for lunch. Last Thursday (right before fathers day), I went home as usual. As I pull into the driveway, my oldest son comes running over. "Daddy, Daddy! Guess I what I got for you". Completely forgetting that fathers day is coming soon and seeing the dandelions he is holding in his hand, I assume he's got some of his favorite flowers picked just for me. So I ask him what he has for me. "I got you a blue shirt!" and with that he turns and runs back into the yard. Sure enough, come Sunday morning, I have a blue shirt - It's a good thing my wife and I don't trust him with any secrets...


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