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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

30 Gigs For Email?

A new web-based email service has popped up onto the radar in the last few days offering 30 gigabytes of storage. 30 Gigs sounds like entirely too much space for an email service, but once you check their upcoming features, they list a "File Upload System" that will allow you to upload files up to 600 MB each for online storage. Also on the soon to be created list are quota status bar, anonymous mail, and POP/IMAP access.

I just signed up at 30Gigs yesterday and have not really gotten into all of the ins and outs, but the service looks promising. I'm hoping they get the file storage up and running and that it works well. Time will tell if these guys are going to last or even challenge Gmail (Google's web-based email service).

The service is still in beta and akin to Gmail is invitation only. I have 14 invites available with 30Gigs and will give them out to anyone that wants them. Just post in the comments with your email address. I will send you the invite as time permits. I also have 100 Gmail invites available (if there is still anyone interested that doesn't already have one).

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