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Friday, August 26, 2005

I Was Wrong

Previously, I posted regarding Jean Charles de Menezes, the man killed by British police after the subway attacks there. I argued that police did have justification for shooting the suspect and pointed to reports that listed behavioral anomalies and heightened tension as proof. It now turns out that those reports were inaccurate. There is still some debate as to what happened and the reason for it, but an investigation is underway. Hopefully, the investigation will yield fruitful answers and measures can be implemented to keep this from happening again.

Innocent people should be protected, not shot and killed. According to the most recent reports, de Menezes was innocent and acting completely normal. The reports outlining him as running from police, jumping turnstiles, and wearing a heavy jacket all appear to have been false. The police officers involved in this case were mistaken and action needs to be taken. What action is deserved should be determined following a complete investigation. I do not think all the information is out in the open yet and I think it will take a while for officials to make any sort of conclusion.

I was wrong. To those I argued with (both on this site and on a few others), I am sorry. My arguments were made based on mistaken reports that I now know were false. I believe my reasoning was sound, but the facts I was using to support the argument were inaccurate. I think this is one of the problems with blogging. When I write about what I know, about what happens to me, I can be sure of the facts (at least as I see them). In cases like this, however, I am forced to rely on other media outlets to get the facts and then I can comment on it. If I rely on reports that are inaccurate, then I will be wrong. I think this is something to consider.

BBC: Timeline - Tube Shooting - An updated list of events regarding the Tube Shooting and the aftermath.

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