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Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday, Ethernet

That's right, the Ethernet Standard was first published 25 years ago today. It's hard to imagine a protocol staying around that long and still being as widely used as it is. To celebrate, I think I'll make up a few Cat 5 cables tonight.

Here's to 25 more!

Wikipedia: Ethernet#History (via Digg)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Justice Roberts

John Roberts Jr. was sworn in as Chief Justice today after being confirmed by the Senate 78-22 this morning. I previously wrote about his nomination to the high court and what I hoped to see out of the confirmation hearings. I was satisfied by his answers to Senate questioning during hearing. He clearly stated that he would weigh each case against the constitution and previous precedent and would not allow his personal views to sway his decisions one way or the other. No objections were found in his previous cases while a judge on the Court of Appeals, so barring some unforeseen circumstances, I think I'll be happy with him on the bench.

I wish him luck in leading the Court.

Now I want to know if he'll keep the Rehnquist Stripes?

NYT: Ceremony Follows Senate Vote Confirming Nomination

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Eagles 23 - Oakland 20

September 25, 2005

What a pitiful game. Three opening kickoffs - two of which feature an injured kicker aggravating an already messed up hamstring. It was downhill from there. Penalties abounded in this outing on both sides of the ball with 23 accepted penalties total. Thank goodness our defense played a solid game. We're also fortunate that Janikowski had an off day and missed two field goals. By all rights, a healthy Philadelphia team should have marched all over the Raiders and had a blowout win like the week before. That's what I was hoping for anyway. If you asked me prior to Kickoff, I would have told you the Eagles would easily cover the spread. Instead, it was an afternoon of angst and the one thing to be happy about is the play of the defense and the fact that we squeaked out a 'W'. David Akers will be out for a while and McNabb is banged up and may not play next week in Kansas City.

Also around the NFL - What was Antwaan Randle El thinking when he pitched the ball to Hines Ward Sunday in the New England - Pittsburgh game? You're up 10-7 with nearly ten minutes left in the 2nd quarter and you've just caught a 50 yard pass to put your team within striking distance. Why, in your wild dreams, would you pitch the ball in that situation? What is the utter urgency to score on that play? It will be 1st and 10 on the 12 if you just go to the ground. I bet Bill Cowher is having nightmares about that play right about now.

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