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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bendable Color Electronic Paper Part II

NewLaunches has more photos and details about Fujitsu's E-Paper that I wrote about here back in July. These new images make this look even cooler than before. Display of up to 4096 image distortion when this straight out of a sci-fi movie?

Practical uses are "public display applications...shelf display tags, point-of-purchase displays, restaurant menus...Operating manuals, work orders, and other short-term information displays".

No release date or information on pricing is given.

NewLaunches: Bendable electronic color paper with Image memory from Fujitsu (via Gizmodo)

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Angled Dual Display Used By Toyota

After writing about Sharp's Dual View LCD, I knew I had to post about this. Toyota is taking Sharp's display and putting it to use inside its automobiles. The driver will be able to see a GPS road map for navigation and the passenger will be able to watch a movie or television.

I should note that Toyota has no plans to put this on the market in the United States.

Edmunds: Toyota Unveils Split-Screen Nav System (via Engadget)

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30 Gigs For Email?

A new web-based email service has popped up onto the radar in the last few days offering 30 gigabytes of storage. 30 Gigs sounds like entirely too much space for an email service, but once you check their upcoming features, they list a "File Upload System" that will allow you to upload files up to 600 MB each for online storage. Also on the soon to be created list are quota status bar, anonymous mail, and POP/IMAP access.

I just signed up at 30Gigs yesterday and have not really gotten into all of the ins and outs, but the service looks promising. I'm hoping they get the file storage up and running and that it works well. Time will tell if these guys are going to last or even challenge Gmail (Google's web-based email service).

The service is still in beta and akin to Gmail is invitation only. I have 14 invites available with 30Gigs and will give them out to anyone that wants them. Just post in the comments with your email address. I will send you the invite as time permits. I also have 100 Gmail invites available (if there is still anyone interested that doesn't already have one).

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Peter Jackson Will Produce Halo Movie

Peter Jackson, known for his work on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, will be the Executive Producer for the upcoming movie based on Bungie's hit video game Halo. While this does not translate into him directing the movie, I hope it means he is on the short list. If he puts his talent behind the movie, along with the money they have for a budget, I think Halo could turn into a great flick.

Also included in the announcement, is news that WETA will be doing the special effects work. Halo is definitely shaping up to be a great movie.

Bungie: 10,000 Pound Gorilla

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We Are...Penn State

That's right...the Nittany Lions have worked their way back into the Top 25. With a shocking (I never would have expected them to be doing this well after the performances they have put up in the past few years) 5-0 record, including a resounding victory over previously ranked Minnesota, the Lions are ranked 16th on the AP list. USA Today has them at 18 and ESPN has them at 15.

This week will be a tough game for them as they face off against Ohio State. Hopefully, the home crowd will be able to spur on the boys in blue and white and continue their undefeated record. I think the team would do better moving Robinson to a more of a utility position (moving him around like in years past) and starting Anthony Morelli under center. It would take some of the pressure of Robinson and allow him to use some of his superior athletic skills in other parts of the field.

As a former Penn State student and life-long fan, I am glad to see them doing well. These past few years have been tough, but it looks like with the additions of Williams and Butler the team will have depth for years to come. A good season this year should further the program's recruiting ability and give us some talent we're going to need. I hope Joe Pa can build us up a nice dynasty.

ESPN 2005 Week 6 Rankings

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HP To PreInstall Netscape

Computer maker HP, has decided to ship all its computers in the U.S. and Canada with Netscape 8.0 installed. When setting up the new machine, users will have the option to set Netscape or Internet Explorer as their default browser.

This is a giant leap forward for alternative browsers. Now, Mozilla (FireFox) and Opera need to put the pressure on HP (and other manufacturers) to include their browsers as well. Cost to the manufacturer would be minimal as both browsers are available for free. Netscape is paying HP to distribute their browser. I wonder if Mozilla and Opera could come up with the money necessary to implement a deal like this with manufacturers.

Techworld: HP adds Netscape as standard on new PCs

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Monday, October 03, 2005

It Doesn't Feel Like October

I cannot believe it is October. It's 77° outside and I think I would feel more comfortable wearing shorts than pants. There is not a cloud in the sky and the leaves haven't really begun to turn yet. According to Accuweather the average high for today is 71°. It has been unseasonably warm of late, though I heard one of the local meteorologists over the weekend predict that by next week we'll be in closer and even lower than the normal temperatures. I wonder if this will count as our 'Indian Summer' even though we have yet to experience cold temperatures for the season.

Eagles 37 - Kansas City 31

October 02, 2005

After the Chiefs quickly racked up a 17-0 lead, I had all but written the Eagles off for the afternoon. Sheldon Brown's interception/TD gave me hope for about two minutes ending with Hall's kickoff return for a touchdown. With my hopes dashed again, I continued to watch, not expecting what I would see next. A run of 28 unanswered points with amazing performances all around clinched the win for the Eagles.

Both offense and defense looked weak in the early goings. I couldn't believe how the Chiefs were moving the ball against us. Everything seemed to be working for them. Runs, Short Pass, Long Pass - it did not seem to matter. I don't know what was said at halftime, but the 2nd half defense was the Eagles 'D' I know. They played everything tight and did not let the Chiefs push them around.

The 'O' was out of synch for much of the first half as well. Too many unfinished routes or errant throws. It looked like McNabb's injuries were causing him problems. But then they hit their groove. Owens found himself openings in the middle of the field and McNabb was able to make connections. The Chiefs did stifle our running game, but they seemed too focused on that, which is why I think Owens was so successful. The Chief's defense could not stop all of our game...they had to pick and choose.

Todd France, the Eagles new kicker, looked decent in his NFL debut. He did have a field goal blocked and extra point botched, but that was the result of a bad snap. He settled down a bit and hit 3 field goals and 3 extra points. I'd like to see his kickoffs go a bit longer, but the short kicks might have been planned to get more air under the ball for our cover team to get down the field. It did not seem to work out that way, with Hall running for plenty of distance, including the TD.

Division games for the Eagles start next week against the Cowboys. The Eagles should still win the Division but Washington, Dallas, and New York are playing better than they have in years. We're going to have to toughen up and start games faster if we want to win big in the NFC East. The bye week will be needed as a rest before we face the Chargers in Week 7.

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Justice Harriet Miers?

President Bush has nominated his personal attorney and White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the United States Supreme Court. Miers' will go before the Senate to fill the seat left empty by retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Look for a lot on her in the news in the coming weeks.

In related news, I want to volunteer now to head the next position-filling committee for Bush. First Cheney leads the search for a Vice President and ends up being selected himself. Then Miers is tapped after heading the search for Supreme Court candidates. I'll take the next round, Mr. President.

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